A warm welcome to this page. The intention with this blog is to gather and share all the Art of Hosting related events and activities taking place in Scandinavia and Europe.

In the menu above you will find information about upcoming Trainings, Learning Villages, Dojos etc. as well as links to photos, and harvest from past events.

If you are new to Art of Hosting, please read the brief introduction below followed by a short summery of the different types of events we are offering.

What is the Art of Hosting?

The ‘Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter’ is a global community of practitioners as well as training introducing a broad selection of tools, methodologies, theories and a mindset for facilitating large scale change and development processes. As the Art of Hosting is a global community, conversations are being hosted in all parts of society, all over the world in a variety of languages.

Most of the trainings and events taking place in Denmark and other places in Europe use English as the main language to invite cultural diversity and allow for international trainers and hosts to participate and contribute.

The Art of Hosting TrainingP1060432

The Art of Hosting training is a workshop hosted by experienced facilitators and practitioners. During a training you will get introduced to the tools, theories and methodologies we use, and get the opportunity to start practicing straight away, by applying what you learn on your own projects, ideas and work. At the workshop we aim to have diversity in the broadest sense because we believe that this is where the power of collective intelligence shows its greatest potential.

Some of the elements in the training are:
– Circle practice
– Open Space
– World Café
– Systems thinking
– Design thinking

The trainings are usually 3-4 days and combines, teachings, mini lectures, role modeling of the methods and opportunities for the participants to practice the methods mentored by the hosting team.

For more information and dates for the next Art of Hosting training in Denmark go to the Calendar page.

The Art of Harvesting Training

The Art of Harvesting is the wise companion to the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations. If we imagine our meaningful conversations as the planting of seeds, then harvesting is the collecting of the fruits that we have grown through those conversations and sharing those fruits with others. Harvesting helps us bring closure to the processes we host and also invites our next level of understanding. When we harvest we record, recapture and distill our learning, which enable us to move forward collectively with a shared understanding.

During an Art of Harvesting training, participants are designing and hosting conversations related to their context, work and projects. We will focus on different levels and methods of harvest and explore the greater perspective of harvesting as well as how it can be used strategically.

For more information and dates for the next Art of Harvesting training in Denmark click here.

Art of Hosting Dojo


The word ‘Dojo’ comes from Japanese and refers to a gathering place for martial arts practitioners so the ‘Dojo’ is a place for practice. In Art of Hosting the Dojo refers to smaller and shorter local gatherings where practitioners can meet to share knowledge and experience and to practice together to gain more knowledge and experience.

For more information and dates for the next Dojo in Denmark. Click here.

Art of Hosting Learning Village

A ‘Learning Village’ is a longer gathering for people who are already familiar with the Art of Hosting methods and principles. This is a place for deepening our learning about the work we are doing, practice together, inspire and learn from each other, and spend some quality time together in community. The ‘Learning Village’ is based on co-creation and works from the principle ‘give what you can – Ask for what you need’.

For more information and dates for the next Learning Village in Denmark click here.

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